Our product is used in a variety of industries to machine workpieces such as grinding and polishing, to bring the surface of the workpiece being worked on to a desired surface roughness (removal of coating, surface roughness, gloss, transparency, etc.). The use of this abrasive wheel made of non-woven material plays an important role in a wide industrial area, especially in the metal manufacturing industry and also aviation, optics, plastics, and wood industry. It is used in such manufacturing processes, and to improve the surface roughness of materials, remove a sawdust from the surface, and remove rust.

Surface characteristics are gloss, uniform texture and maximum surface smoothness. In most cases, it is an abrasive that has the physical properties and the right balance of abrasive performance needed where the surfaces do not achieve a satisfactory result from conventional abrasives. Because the abrasive particles (zirconium, aluminaum oxides, silicon carbide, diamond, ceramic, cerium dioxide) attached to the staple fibers in the nonwoven layer are uniformly distributed across all nonwoven layers, it has the property of performing the same treatment throughout the entire volume of the product.

The result obtained at the time the product is newly used is the same as the surface result obtained at any time until the end.

    Surface Group United States is dedicated to offering expertise and manufacture leading unitized wheel abrasives products to receive the best surface conditioning solutions.
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