In 2001, after transporting the abrasive grinding wheels convolute production band of the reputed manufacturer in Korea to Turkey, Surface Group Ltd. got a start in business.

In the first half of 2002, as a result of 1 year R & D studies, the company started to manufacture of the products that will find its deserved place in the international market in a short time.

In 2011, during the R & D studies, it was observed that the raw materials used in the production of nylon fiber products and the climatic conditions during the production affected the productivity of the product and the shelf life after the production, the company discontinued the production of fabrication kind duplicate production in 2013. Instead, we adopted an almost boutique production style with "EFFICIENT PRODUCTION METHOD" in order to avoid the long production process by calculating the demands, past orders and purchase periods of the customers in a completely stable production area which is not affected by seasonal changes.

In 2017, we completely changed the production methods of our company and the working method of nylon fiber products. The biggest problem of metal goods manufacturers, which they work on until the part of the coating goes to the problem of rusting in the past is now a thing of the past. We also solved these problems of metal manufacturers by adding substances that reduce corrosion, effectively control or reduce the reaction of metal with the medium, that is, the corrosion rate.

These products, which are offered under the name of their own brand and many well-known brands, have surpassed many well-known brands in the market both in terms of high quality and price, as expected. Thanks to the highly flexible manufacturing technology, these products were developed considering the usage needs of the manufacturers in the metal sector and became the biggest factor in reducing their costs for almost all manufacturers. In addition, we have always acted on the principle of producing the right product, which is formulated almost "private use", in order to achieve excellent results through continuous work with our users.

Our company which develops solutions for all surface problems with its high quality technical personnel who have high level knowledge about surface treatment and all kinds of metal, also stands out with the design and production of multi-station machines that will ensure the finishing and polishing of its products such as iron, stainless steel pipes and plates with maximum benefit.

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